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Introducing God's Shield by Doza Collectiblez LLC, the ultimate solution for preserving your passion for Funko POP figures. Our premium Protector is equipped with advanced UV and scratch-resistant technology, ensuring that your collectibles remain in pristine condition.


Crafted with a custom-formulated PET plastic, God's Shield offers unrivaled transparency, allowing your prized collectibles to shine and be showcased in all their glory. Not only does it provide exceptional visibility, but it also guarantees unparalleled protection and value.


With a robust 0.50mm wall thickness, our protector is built to endure everyday wear and tear, maintaining its shape and integrity for years to come. Say goodbye to worries about your POPs fading due to sunlight exposure. Our UV-resistant plastic acts as a shield, safeguarding your figures from harmful sun rays and preserving their vibrant colors.


Additionally, the scratch-resistant coating ensures that your collection stays flawless, even in the face of accidental bumps or mishandling. Your POP figures will remain in immaculate condition, ready to be admired by both collectors and enthusiasts alike.


To add convenience to your display, God's Shield features a flat top design, allowing for hassle-free stacking of multiple POPs. Organizing your collection has never been easier.


Get ready to elevate your Funko POP experience with God's Shield by Doza Collectiblez LLC. Our superior Protector provides unbeatable protection, transparency, and value, ensuring that your passion for collecting is preserved for years to come. Don't miss out on this essential accessory for every Funko POP enthusiast.

Sold as a set of 10 protectors per order


  • 0.5mm wall thickness provides increased protection against normal wear and tear
  • UV-resistant PET formula provides increased protection
  • Crystal clear, scratch-resistant material beautifully showcases your Funko POP!®
  • Flat interlocking top for effortless stacking and display
  • Designed with an eco-friendly PET plastic
  • Fits standard sized Funko Pops; Dimensions: 6.375in x 4.75in x 3.75in
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